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Redefining Your Child's New Self

Commentary: Five Generations of Scientific Applied Research and Practice for Consumers and Classrooms

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Today's learner must be ready early to meet the highly competitive school and future workplace environment. Here is a solution for you and your learners, grades 4-9. Avoid student "Drop-Out" desire, and reach graduation goals through successful classroom performance developed at early ages.

Sharpen how to rapidly follow oral and written instructions and complex sequential information through a specialized chunking methodology. Students need to remember what they see and hear, conceptualize, and perform output correctly to obtain high academic achievement.

Enjoy fast information processing - everyone has small brain glitches that can be improved. Learn procedural and technical-conceptual information rapidly through "multi-sensory integration". This means combining the visual (seeing-reading), auditory (listening), and tactile-kinesthetic pathways, through musical phrasing, to learn step-wise information.

Read about thirty of Mem-ExSpan's first incubated students, beginning in 1981 until now. Note their dramatic progress showing their tested entry levels of performance and how they progressed over time. (click here

Mem-ExSpan - Evidence-Based Instruction for High Academic Achievement

The BTA is backed by five generations of scientifically published-incubated R & D quantitative analyses, emphasizing grades 4-9; results are solid and MAINTAINED 1-3 years longitudinally. It will soon be available in two formats for rapid 24-hour (13-Day and 48-Day) for classrooms and home-schooling.

If the pathways remain rough, learning is slow and difficult. Perceptual levels can change through a brief period of 24-hours of intensive sensory-integration training since 1981: (Click here:) Handwriting Reveals Visual Memory Perceptual Changes Through Whole-Brain Accelerated Learning Activation.