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Jan is Intervention Consultant, Researcher, and Program Developer of Mem-ExSpan's Cognitive Skills Training System called The Bridge To Achievement (The BTA). ® Jan's Google Profile

The resulting outcome is High Performance Thinking.® Since 1981, The Bridge To Achievement ® has created a higher quality of life for individuals ages nine-to-adult, by retraining their memory and critical thinking skills so that all levels of learners are integrated in the classroom as a unified, productive, working unit. Cognitive skills training by applying the arts, becomes the bridge to higher academic achievement.

Professionally, she addresses the necessity of parents becoming aware of their own and their child's cognitive skills, visual and auditory (listening) memory, deficient learning styles, attention, and critical thinking processes. What one could not do before, they now can following BTA training. This applied conceptual tinking directly relates to academic and career success.

Central to the plan is progressive mental improvement training, which utilizes puppetry, comic theatrics, rhythm, and rhyme as an enjoyable recitation rehearsal method, in a Blended e-learning interactive instructional format. The curriculum teaches analytical sequencing and pattern-detection skills. These techniques will soon be available for teacher training sessions.

Featured in The Bridge To Achievement ® are interactive early 1930s-40s, early live-stage, vaudevillian character-toy puppets offering unique learning strategies to improve listening and visual memory patterning, coding-sequencing, and conceptualization needed for academic literacy proficiency.

Serving on the Board of Directors for the Kansas City Chapter of The American Society for Training and Development, she contributed to the chapter's management and growth in many areas. In addition to being a National Editor for "Performance In Practice," she was a regular contributing editor for the Kansas City Chapter's VISION newsletter. Additionally, she was a featured speaker at conferences and monthly KC-ASTD programs on her "High Performance Thinking" ® construct.

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