"I was one of Jan's first clients when I took the Mem-ExSpan course in 1983. The Mem-ExSpan High Performance Thinking training was a significant factor in equipping me to launch a computer software company in Irving, Texas. I now have over one hundred employees, primarily engineers, engaged in developing custom business software applications for Fortune 200 Companies. The benefits accrue exponentially with time. In other words, you build upon the new skills, over and over to new heights. I would like my wife, son, and employees to have this program when it is developed on e-Learning."

J. D. Hicks
Chief Technical Officer
Virtual Solutions, Inc.
Irving, Texas

"I eagerly endorse the concept of The Bridge To Achievement program which integrates many educational models into a total learning plan for schools. The academic achievement results that were generated from these implementations necessitate further applications in additional populations. It should be disseminated widely to benefit many students and school districts."

John R. Driskill, CLU, ChFC
Executive Vice President, (ret.)
American Society of CLU and ChFC
Bryn Mawr, PA


"Jan Erland has been a longtime contributor to the movement in US education to accelerate the learning process. She has done outstanding individual research on learning methodologies and has several of this groundbreaking work published in a peer-reviewed journal, The Journal of Accelerated learning and Teaching. She continues to make substantial and meaningful contributions to educational research.

Nancy Omaha Boy, Ph.D.
Associate Dean and Director,
Teaching Excellence Center
Rutgers University

"As an educational psychologist, co-founder of "The International Alliance of Accelerated Learning and Teaching" and former Senior Editor of The Journal for Accelerative Learning and Teaching, The Bridge To Achievement is an excellent plan for teachers to use in making a considerable improvement in the teaching of classroom subjects, especially reading and mathematics."

Donald H. Schuster, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa  

"Being actively engaged in managing people and the affairs of the company, I can appreciate the ability to organize, recall, write and communicate effectively . . . Mem-ExSpan's High Performance Thinking Training does an outstanding job of expanding these abilities, should be programmed for every business man, and receives my unqualified endorsement."

Jack Bussell
Berico Industries
Kansas City, Missouri

"I discovered during the Mem-ExSpan course that I had not been able to recognize the deterioration of my strongest thinking traits that had crept in over the years, not to to mention the ones I had attempted to compensate for . . . As a former educator, I feel that your program in one of the most significant developments in this half century."

Michael T. Baird
Investment Consultant
M. J. Davis Financial Group
Vero Beach, Florida


After taking your Mem-ExSpan course, I have more confidence in my ability to remember what I see and hear. This puts me at an advantage one can't put a price on. I certainly wish I had taken your Mem-ExSpan training sooner."

Mike Newell
Regional Manager
Greentree Acceptance, Inc.
San Antonio, Texas


I was a single parent, burdened with many problems. I was receiving public assistance and had no career focus. The training changed my whole perspective and attitude. Now I am working on a BA in Child Development at the University of Kansas, and starting a small business. It is great to be self-supporting and have a bright future at last!"

Julia Allen Treul
Non-Traditional Student
The University of Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas

"Our daughter took the intensive Mem-ExSpan course twice when she was thirteen and fifteen. Having been in the Learning Disabilities program at school, we had looked everywhere for additional help. The Mem-ExSpan program changed her thinking level abilities to where she could enter college, receive B's, and graduate. She is now a home-bound teacher and consultant for a major public school district in the Midwest."

Mrs. Ted Nissen
Kansas City, Missouri

"In 1988, I commuted 110 miles daily, and worked as a Bulk Mail Handler in Kansas City, Kansas US Postal Center. I unloaded mail bags from trucks and tossed 500 mail bags daily to conveyers. As a mature woman in my 50s, this was strenuous work, and my fellow postal handlers often kidded me, calling me "Super Woman". I was eager to change to an inside postal position, but this required that I pass the US Postal examination. To process numbers and addresses quickly, I took Mem-ExSpan training and practiced the drills rigorously. Passing the test, I soon became a Distribution Clerk at the Lawrence downtown post office, so I did not have to commute any longer. This required me to sort letters rapidly by zip code and address. I have now had this position for thirteen years, receiving continual promotions and pay increases in an air conditioned environment. The Mem-ExSpan training developed my mental sharpness for written detail."

Marjean Goff
Distribution Clerk
US Post Office
Lawrence, KS